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Six Reasons Business Owners Prefer GrowthSource Coaching
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Steve Smith- Business Coach
Coaching Helps You Move Past Your Own Business Building Limits!
We are business growth specialists and we use a particular coaching method to help business owners, leaders and executives acheive success by aligning their time, skills and resources with the outcomes they want.

Our approach blends traditional guidance and accountability for getting things done with knowledge and resources to help you develop in the areas most critical to building a sustainable business: your mindset; your leadership ability; your management skills; your marketing strategy and the systems and processes youput inplace tosupport your businss.

We have worked with over 300 businesses from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, to other markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Each wanted to improve their growth planning, management, client acquisition and leadership capabilities.  
Our Coaching Aligns You With The Success You Want
Whether your challenges are properly managing what you've built, marketing to the right clients, being able to sell what you offer or getting more accomplished in less time, we have the experience and the resources to help you run a top notch business.

Find out what you can do to accelerate your growth and what may be holding you back from achieving what you want from your business.  Take advantage of our revealing and complimentary Business Growth Assessment session so you can find out what's standing between you and your success.
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Business EvaluationBusiness EvaluationBusiness Evaluation
Business Evaluation
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When You Grow, Your Business Grows
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Business EvaluationBusiness EvaluationBusiness Evaluation
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Our company employed GrowthSource Coaching  and we were utterly amazed by the effects it had on our business. Steve has taken our company from a start-up to a flourishing business in a matter of months. Week after week, we are impressed by his ability to push us forward and help us achieve our business goals. --K. Topping, Mission Viejo
Our business continues to grow by more than 20% and even more impressive is that we are now able to turn a profit on the business. The best part is that we are still working on the management and setting up the process to increase productivity. We have not even started working on the marketing which I understand is one of Steve's strengths. -- S. Kohley, Los Angeles
Steve is an excellent business coach, because he listens to you, your vision for your company and then with his expert business knowledge guides you to fruition. His focus, business acumen and insightful information sets you on a path from overwhelm to achievement and growth. -- T. Monaghan, Galway, Ireland
We Offer More Than Traditional Coaching

Our process for helping you get your goals accomplished utilizes traditional coaching methods. What our clients see the most value in, however, is the professional guidance, learning materials and other resources we provide to speed your development and the growth of your company. Our approach has frequently been described by our clients as transformational!  

Unmatched Business Experience

We understand that regardless of the business you have, the key to making it successful is your ability to use the most effective disciplines for running it. Our wealth of business experience will quickly expose you to some of the best management, marketing, sales and operating techniques available today.  

A Proven Track Record

We have served hundreds of businesses in the US and around the world giving their owners new tools for growth and profitability. From start-ups to business owners ready to exit, we guide you through a process that produces clarity, effeciency,improved productivity and profitability. Read our success stories for more details as discribed by our clients.

Winning Business Mindset

Our underlying strategy is to get you to think differently about your business and your role as the owner.  Most of what holds people back is not skills but the mental desire to take action.  We help you upgrade your mindset so you can position yourself for continued success.

'Can Do' Methods

We bring energy and a sense of accomplishment to every coaching session.  We offer flexible means of working together and we provide support between calls to insure you stay on track, always moving forward.  Throughout our engagement, you will always get clear and direct feedback so there's never any doubt.

Focus on Growth

Our specialty is growth.  Businesses have three main areas of growth- the market, the business operation and the business owner.  This is why we work with you; to help you harness the areas that will enable you to grow your business and enjoy your life!    

management coaching
Steve has coached and mentored me to become a better leader, and focus my time on the high impact and high revenue generating activities that I must do to grow the business. -- E. Hinson, Murfreesboro, TN
management coaching
Steve has time and again proven himself to be a straight shooter who can help any business owner overcome temporary obstacles. Sometimes fear is a major obstacle to growth. Steve helps mitigate that fear and enables you and your business to grow.
-- K. Rubin, Mission Viejo
management coaching
I've collaborated with Steve on a number of projects in the past and I continue to do so currently because he constantly impresses me with his business knowledge and strategic acumen. He knows what it takes to grow a small business and make it a long term success. -- C. Miller, Nashville, TN
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